Customer satisfaction in Vietnam’s healthcare is reflecting on Docosan’s platform

Challenges of Accessing Healthcare in Vietnam

In Vietnam’s saturated healthcare industry, especially amidst the pandemic, customer service and satisfaction becomes overlooked by many medical professionals with overcrowding of patients and their own overworked schedules. Since private healthcare was legalised in 1989, the number of private providers has grown exponentially. Although private care is thriving, the fragmented nature of thousands of private centres and clinics, along with imperfect information about quality, price and efficiency of care still makes the private healthcare industry difficult to navigate for the average patient. 

Despite the extensive network of public and private healthcare centers, many people still flock to well-known public hospitals to gain access to quality healthcare. This results in higher occupancy rates, hampering the quality of customer service, and sometimes care. 

Docosan’s Easily Accessible User Interface 

Docosan’s service bridges this gap. With a simple search on our digital marketplace, patients can search for a variety of options that cater to their medical needs. On the Docosan search bar, patients can search according to 3 different themes: their symptoms, the medical provider’s name, or the doctor’s name. The result is a plethora of specific searches that are tailored. Docosan’s search bar enables search by location, allowing customers in need of emergency care to locate and book the nearest services.

The private providers listed on Docosan’s marketplace also offer price transparency, such that actual or predicted price ranges are displayed for medical services and procedures. Price is one of the most important factors of decision making, and allows patients to make secured, informed decisions that are within their financial means. Such an option is rarely found in public healthcare, and revealing bill amounts after the treatment creates a source of distress in patients with its unaffordability. 

This gives patients much more freedom to choose their ideal healthcare service in a convenient and transparent manner. To aid them in this decision-making process, Docosan’s platform has a 5-star rating system that is displayed on all providers’ profile pages along with authentic reviews from past patients. In the public healthcare system, this freedom of choice is limited as allocation of doctors to patients is often randomized with availability and timings from both sides. 

To assist patients in making reviews, Docosan provides tags such as “Attentive receptionist”, “Very professional doctor” and “Reasonable examination costs” among many others. Such tags allow patients to provide fast, valuable feedback without hassle and leads to increased utilization of this feature. More ratings helps patients easily find top rated providers.

Example of reviews from Hong Ha General Hospital on Docosan Platform

Docosan’s Bilingual Platform 

Docosan’s platform is availableVietnamese and English, a feature the Docosan team takes pride in. Although a strong majority of our patients are Vietnamese-speaking, we do have English speaking patients in the expat community, allowing us to serve a wider audience.

Our customer service team is available in both languages as well, offering 24/7 appointment booking support to assist with bookings and answer customer queries to the best of their abilities. Recently, a patient at Lotus OB-GYN clinic reviewed her experience booking through Docosan, commenting that the team was essential in helping her navigate the healthcare services as a non-Vietnamese. The impact Docosan is creating is shown through these reviews, motivating the team to cater our bookings to everyone in need of healthcare in Vietnam. 

A Pleasant Review from a Foreign Patient

Docosan’s system is built to provide excellent customer service for every patient and provider. With each successful booking, Docosan is gradually becoming a staple of Vietnam’s healthcare system.