Sân chơi bình đẳng cho các nữ doanh nhân

Được dẫn dắt bới người sáng lập và CEO – bà Beth Ann Lopez, startup về đặt lịch hẹn khám với bác sĩ Docosan đã kêu gọi được hơn 1.2 triệu USD vốn đầu tư. “Các nữ doanh nhân sẽ hiểu được góc nhìn của những khách hàng phụ nữ hơn những doanh nhân khác giới” Bà Lopez giải thích. “Phụ nữ chiếm tới 1 nửa dân số và đồng thời với năng lực chi trả và ra quyết định ngày càng tăng,

Led by co-founder and CEO Beth Ann Lopez, healthcare booking platform Docosan has raised over $1.2 million thus far. “Female entrepreneurs have insights into female customer bases that male counterparts may not,” Lopez explained. “As women comprise half the population and are increasing spending and decision-making power globally, those insights are powerful.”

Docosan’s all-female founding team used their own insights to dig into certain neglected medical specialities that disproportionately affect women – obstetrics, gynaecology, and paediatrics. “These are the most popular specialities booked on the platform now, showing that when you understand and help women, it can be great business as well,” Lopez added.

Historically, female entrepreneurs have been more limited access to funding, but times are changing. Between this January and August, women-led healthcare startups raised $1.3 billion across 26 deals – nearly double all of 2020’s funding. “And this is just in healthcare. Women are often the decision-makers on when and what their families buy across industries like health, consumer goods, education, and more,” said Lopez. “And so, female entrepreneurs are innovating in all these kinds of areas.”

Women are actively involved in Vietnam’s entrepreneurship landscape. Fika, a Vietnamese-based social and dating app led by co-founder Denise Sandquist, raised $1.6 million in funding last week. Meanwhile, Mai Linh has set up MeiVentures, a unique global venture capital fund specialising in early-stage development.