4 Covid Test Kits available on Docosan

In the current COVID epidemic in Vietnam, the number of positive cases detected every day reaches thousands. As the number of cases increases so does the demand for COVID-19 test kits. However, it is relatively difficult to find high-quality, reliable, and legal test kits.

Docosan supports those in need of at-home COVID test kits and provides detailed information about the test kits licensed by the Ministry of Health below:


Humasis Covid-19 Ag test

The first name on the list of covid tests licensed by the Ministry of Health is the Humasis Covid-19 Ag test. This is one of the most popular nasopharyngeal sample test kits. They are easy to find and many people have given positive feedback on the product. 

Some of the product features that make buyers interested in the test are:

  • Results are available in 15 minutes
  • Sensitivity:92,2 %
  • Specificity: 99,60%
  • Imported from Korea
Humasis COVID rapid test kit from Korea

Panbio ™ Covid 19 Ag

This imported test kit is manufactured by the multinational company Abbott and has been used by many hospitals to increase screening testing capacity. The Abbott COVID test kit has effectively supported medical resources because of its high screening efficiency.

This test kit test is used in big hospitals such as FV, Vinmec, Family Medical Practice. It is popular because the nasal sample is easy to collect.

Experts trust the Panbio ™ COVID-19 Ag test kit for the following reasons:

  • Results are available within 15 minutes
  • Sensitivity: 93,3 %
  • Specificity: 99,4%
  • Imported from Korea

Its simple design is specifically made for the general population who do not have specialized skills in taking samples and are not in a laboratory environment. Testers only need to collect nasal secretions with a sterile cotton swab that comes with the Panbio ™ Covid rapid test kit. 

Abbott’s Panbio COVID-19 Ag Test Kit

SGTi- flex COVID-19 Ag

Another Korean COVID-19 rapid test kit circulating Vietnam is SGTi- flex COVID-19 Ag. The test is sought by many businesses after the Dong Nai Department of Health requested businesses to perform weekly Sars- CoV-2 tests on their employees residing in HCMC or in Binh Dong province. 

Some of the advantages that make the SGTi- flex COVID-19 Ag so popular are:

  • Reliable results in just 15 minutes
  • Sensitivity up to 95,07%
  • Specificity up to 99,38%
  • Imported from Korea
STGi-flex COVID-19 Ag Test Kit

Epsline Sars-CoV- 2

Epsline Sars-CoV- 2 is the COVID rapid test kit that was distributed to people in Thao Dien ward when the Thu Duc city piloted COVID self-testing. People were guided by medical staff using written instructions and videos while they took their own samples for the tests.

Thu Duc City chose this COVID rapid test due to its many advantages, namely:

  • Results available within 30 minutes
  • Sensitivity : 96,3%
  • Specificity: up to 100%
Epsline Sars-CoV-2 Test Kit from Japan

Testing principles of the test kits:

The four COVID test kits above all utilize the principle of immuno-chromatography. There are two strips of chromatographic paper coated with different antigen complexes on each sample test strip (sample test tray). One control band (C) and one test strip (T). Antibodies on the T strip will bind to the coronavirus-specific antibody (if present), and cause a color display.

When the sample is dropped onto the test strip, the antibody diffuses gradually onto the 2 chromatographic paper strips. The colored band (C) indicates that the test was done correctly, while the T band is colored only when antibodies specific to coronavirus are detected.

However, each test will have a separate instructions manual. Please contact Docosan to order a rapid at-home COVID test kit with instructions for use. Our at-home tests offer simple sample collection, fast shipping, and doctor-reviewed insights from your phone. 

To help people to detect the presence of COVID and help reduce the burden on testing facilities Docosan provides the above-mentioned tests licensed by the Ministry of Health. If the results are negative people need to continue following the state’s epidemic prevention directive to avoid infection after testing. If there is a positive result, please go to the nearest hospital for a confirmatory PCR test.