Online Andrologists

Andrology is a medical specialty which deals with the male reproductive system and urology problems found only in men. It is the male version of gynecology, which deals with medical issues of the female reproductive system.

Andrologists treat a variety of conditions including male infertility, genitourinary disorder, and penile problems. Specialists in Andrology perform procedures such as circumcision, vasectomy, and prostatectomy.

Docosan has 3 highly experienced Andrologists offering online consultations in English, they are:

MSc, Dr. Nguyen Ho Vinh Phuoc

Dr. Nguyen Ho Vinh Phuoc is a resident doctor who graduated with honors in Urology surgery and has 10 years of experience in medical examination and treatment in orthopedics. The doctor has published in-depth scientific research reports in the field of infertility, sexual disorders, and male genital abnormalities.

Online examinations price: 100,000 VND 

MSc, Dr. Le Vu Tan

Dr, Le Vu Tan has 10 years of experience in orthopedics and is the first doctor in Vietnam who has completed the Orthopedic training program in the US on male infertility and dysfunction. He has treated serious and complicated problems in orthodontics.

Online examinations price: 150,000 VND 

Thac Si Bac Si Bui Duc Linh

Dr. Bui Duc Linh is well trained in andrology and obstetrics and has worked at major universities and hospitals around the country such as Hanoi Medical University, Obstetrics, and gynecology Hospital center. He specializes in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Online examinations price: 150,000 VND