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Sunshine Pediatric Clinic

Sunshine Pediatric Clinic is home to a team of experienced and highly specialized pediatrics and nutritionist. Their treatment motto is ‘medical practice based on evidence’- minimizing unnecessary intervention tests, procedures, and drugs to help a child’s immune system to be naturally healthy.

Online examination prices: 200,000- 250,000 VND

Phong Kam Nhi 33 Tran Quay Cap

Established in 2020, Phong Kam Nhi is a trusted health care facility for children. Children receive specialized care from a highly qualified doctor with over 12 years of experience. Dr. Tahn is a Pediatric and Cardiothoracic surgeon and has treated many complex pediatric diseases. 

Online examination price 100,000 VND

Hoa Mi Clinic 

Hoa Mi Children’s Clinic specializes in examining and treating Hand, Foot, and Mouth Diseases (HFMD), respirology, and Allergies. The clinic has a team of pediatric doctors with more than 20 years of experience and currently working in major pediatric hospitals such as the National Children’s Hospital and Hanoi Medical University. 

Online examination price: 200,000 VND 

Pediatrician Nguyen Duong Phi   

Dr. Nguyen Duong Phi is currently working at Ho Chi Minh City children’s hospital. He has 7 years of experience in examining and treating orthopedic trauma in pediatrics. Dr. Nguyen Duong Phi specializes in examining motor problems, trauma, birth defects, fever, cough, and runny noses.

Online examination price: 80,000 VND

Pediatrician Le Thi Thu Huong

Dr. Le Thi Thu Huong is an expert in examining and treating pediatric asthma and allergies. She has helped thousands of children effectively control their asthma, giving them a better quality of life. Dr. Le Thi Thu Hong previously worked at the National Children’s Hospital and Hanoi Medical University.  

Online examination price: 200,000 VND

Mental Health 

Psychologist Le Khanh 

Dr. Le Khanh is one of the leading experts on Docosan, with more than 30 years of experience in psychotherapy. He specializes in relationship,  marriage, and family counseling. As well as child and youth counseling, focusing on improving communication between parents and children.

Online consultation price: 300,000VND

Tran Anh Vu

Psychotherapist Tran Anh Vu has over 9 years of experience in psychological counseling and treatment and has more than 2000 hours of clinical exposure, supervised by experienced therapists from the US, Australia, Belgium, and Vietnam.

Tran Anh Vu has a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology from Assumption University in Thailand. He participated in intensive training in family therapy programs by Louvan University( Belgium) and Phum Ngoc Thanh Medical University (Vietnam).

Dr. Tran Anh has a 5-star rating from clients on the Docosan platform.

Online consultation price: 400,000 VND

Counselling center-  Psychotherapy Share

Share’s mission is to disseminate, develop and apply psychology in a dynamic and professional environment.  They aim to raise public awareness on the importance of mental health care and promote mental wellbeing. 

Share’s team of highly trained therapists specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Online consultation price: 600,000 VND

Sunnycare Psychological Institute

Sunnycare adheres to the principles of professional ethics, dedicated responsibility, and absolute confidentiality. Their expert therapists are trained in relationship and family counseling, stress and depression, and life skills training for youth. They are available  24-hours for online consultations.

Online consultation price: 500,000 VND 

Mindcare center for therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy.

Mindcare provides professional counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, families, or groups on common psychological issues. Mindcare has two centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

They have a large team of experienced psychologists specializing in a variety of issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • LGBT /gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Domestic violence and abuse

Online consultation price: 600,000 VND

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Marie Stopes 

Marie Stopes Vietnam – now Dr. Marie, was built and accredited by MSI Reproductive Choice UK. Dr. Marie is the largest system of obstetrics and gynecology clinics with 32 years of experience in Vietnam. They have a total of 12 clinics in 9 provinces and cities.

Staff are trained and quality tested to provide periodic services, ensuring to meet the highest quality standards of the Ministry of Health in Vietnam and MSI Reproductive Choice – UK.  

Online consultation price: 150,000 VND

Eye specialists

BSCKII Le Hong Ha 

Ophthalmologist Le Hong Ha offers online examinations and consultations for the following:

  • General eye exam for nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness
  • Treatment of diseases: pink eye, eye pain, keratitis, conjunctivitis, and treatment of pterygium
  • Preoperative examination: Lasik, cataract removal, etc.

Online examination price: 100,000 VND


MSc, Dr. Nguyen Ho Vinh Phuoc 

Dr. Nguyen Ho Vinh Phuoc graduated with a Master’s in Urology surgery and has 10 years of experience in medical examination and treatment in orthopedics. The doctor has published in-depth scientific research reports in the field of infertility, sexual disorders, and male genital abnormalities.

Online examinations price: 100,000 VND 

MSc, Dr. Le Vu Tan

Dr, Le Vu Tan has 10 years of experience in orthopedics and is the first doctor in Vietnam who has completed the Orthopedic training program in the US on male infertility and dysfunction. He has treated serious and complicated problems in orthodontics.

Online examinations price: 150,000 VND 


MSc, Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hoa

Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hoa has extensive experience in aesthetic treatments and treatments for skin diseases such as acne, urticaria, post-shingles pain relief, weight loss, desensitization injections to treat allergic and autoimmune diseases. She is a favorite among ex-pats and speaks English very well.  

Online examination price: 250,000 VND

Physical therapy 


Bonedoc clinic specializes in:

  • Functional rehabilitation 
  • Musculoskeletal system treatment
  • Neuropathy and joint diseases: sprains, dislocations, degenerative spine, disc herniation, vascular accident, central nervous paralysis
  • Physical therapy

Online examination price: 300,000 VND

Phong Kham Dong Y Hoa Sen

Phong Kham Dong Y Hoa Sen has a team of traditional medicine doctors who graduated from leading Universities in Vietnam such as the Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy of Vietnam. They are well trained in acupuncture, acupressure, and spinal effects. 

Online examination price: 200,000 VND

Seoul Oriental Medical Clinic

The clinic specializes in physical therapy for back pain, spinal pain, and facial paralysis.  Dr. Kim Jin Uk has more than 15 years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients in many countries such as Korea, China, USA, Uk, and Vietnam. 

Online examination price: 300,000 VND

Ear Nose and throat

MSc, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Vu

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Vu has more than 20 years of experience in examining and treating diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. He is in charge of the Department of Otolaryngology at the Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital. In addition to working at the hospital, Dr. Vu is also a lecturer at the facility of Medicine at Vietnam National University in HCMC. 

Online examination price: 150,000 VND

General Internal Medicine

Dr. Nguyen Doan Bac Clinic 

Doctor Nguyen Doan Bac has 26 years of experience in medical examination and treatment of general internal medicine. He works at the Department of Cardiology at Peoples hospital 115.

Online examination price: 200,000 VND

Dr. Vo Phuoc Chieu

Dr. Chieu has several years of experience in examining and treating internal diseases especially cardiovascular diseases. He previously worked at Peoples Hospital 115 and now works at Nhan Hau General Clinic.

Online examination price: 150,000 VND