3 Tips to find an LGBT+ friendly Health Centres in Vietnam?

Docosan is here for our LBGT+ community and this article will guide you to understand Tips to find LGBT+ friendly Health Centres in Vietnam. Looking for a LGBT+ friendly medical centre can make you feel afraid, however finding a proper place will not be difficult as you might think. Everyone should be treated with respect and therefore, you want to find a medical centre with a knowledgeable team, sensitive to your unique needs.

Fortunately, there is a positive shift in social attitudes towards sexual minorities and there is a growing understanding to better serve these vulnerable populations. It is very important to establish the health, wellbeing and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT+) community in Vietnam and we should welcome the diversity of our rainbow community. Thankfully, there are many facilities across the Country, which offer specialized services to these vulnerable people.

As a person who belong to LGBT+ community, you should,

  • cope with and manage responses to discrimination.
  • deal with depression, anxiety and negative emotions associated with the sexual orientation or gender identity
  • cope with peer pressure.
  • formulate guidelines for accepting gender identity.

According to current studies, LGBT+ people currently face unique and entrenched challenges and they report higher rates of abuse than non-LGBT+ populations. Most often, LGBT+ people need to address issues related to homophobia, transphobia, family of origin issues, violence, and isolation. Moreover, LGBT+ communities are also in danger with the increasing risk of HIV due to intravenous drug use and risky sexual behaviors. Also, mental health disorders are very common among LGBT+ people and it is very important for them to take necessary treatments without judgments and social pressure.

1. Know what to ask.

It is good to see a doctor who has previous experience in working with LGBT+ patients. Receiving respectful care can make you feel more confident. It is your responsibility to ask if the medical centre has had any LBGT+ patients before. However, you can be comfortable with a doctor who does not have any previous experiences with LGBT+ patients. Also, you do not need to stick with one doctor, jut because you find them as LGBT+ friendly. You have the right to get treatments from knowledgeable and specialised doctors like others. So, you have the right to find someone else, if you do not feel comfortable after your first appointment.

2.Be Open

Finding a decent and affordable health care in Vietnam is a challenge for many individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Being a LGBT+ can make it little harder and you should be open with your healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, psychotherapists and other professionals about your sexual orientation or gender identity to receive possible best care.

3.Ask for referrals

When booking an appointment with a healthcare provider, always ask for referrals and genuine reviews. You can get the help of Docosan, friends and other local LGBT+ centres to find details of best LGBT+ friendly healthcare providers in Vietnam. If you are nervous about asking or calling, it is not essential to provide your name during your initial call. Also, if you are afraid to call or ask directly, you can use other online or offline resources such as Docosan web site or mobile application to find an LGBT+ friendly health center in Vietnam. Talking to a trustworthy friend such as Docosan or a member of your community can get quite helpful recommendations.

After having your first appointment with the healthcare centre, ask yourself if the doctor is respectful, really listen to your privacy and honestly see you as a normal person You should feel respectable and safe when your time with the medical provider.

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