Docosan’s Successful Partnerships: City International Hospital (CIH)


City International Hospital (CIH) is the first high-class general hospital of the High-Tech Medical Zone, committed to providing world-class healthcare in Ho Chi Minh City. With its wide range of medical and surgical services, its reputation is renowned among both the Vietnamese and expat patients. 

The hospital supports 24/7 Accident and Emergency services, and over 25 specialties including neurology, OB-GYN, dermatology and pediatrics to name a few. It also houses day care and rehabilitation facilities for the elderly, and has a team of leading doctors and nurses. The hospital boasts highly spacious grounds, with a capacity of 320 beds, from 4-bed rooms to VIP lounges. 

Docosan and CIH

CIH is a large, reputable hospital in the city, so how did they end up coming on board Docosan? To this question, Ms. Thuy Dao, the investor representative speaking on behalf of the board of directors, answered that Docosan is the optimal “matchmaker” booking platform for medical professions to meet their patients. “It is extremely helpful in getting CIH’s name out there”, she emphasized. CIH believes being on Docosan has provided them with virality in attracting younger, tech-savvy customers, along with people who live outside of their districts. 

On Docosan, CIH is well-known for specialties such as OB-GYN, as well as neurology and cardiology. Currently, 37 doctors and specialists from CIH are listed on Docosan, and bring in a stream of patients monthly with their top-rated services, which range from regular check-ups to high priced pregnancy packages where sales have proved successful. 

Ms. Dao stresses that CIH focuses highly on patient experience, with the hospital slogan of “Patient First”. Providing high-quality experience is attached strongly to their image, with many testimonies from patients being cared for and treated like family while attending to their healthcare needs at CIH. Hence, the hospital is interested in capitalizing on this strength and driving further satisfaction from customer experience. 

Thanks to Docosan’s customer service, CIH is exposed to over 100,000 searches relating to healthcare solutions monthly, and as patients are introduced to CIH while browsing, hundreds book through Docosan with convenience. Hence, Docosan has helped CIH gain a broader view of prioritizing customer needs, especially in terms of providing frontline service to patients. Learning firsthand from Docosan has also allowed them to identify the areas of customer service the hospital can improve, with the goal of providing a better, smoother experience at every step of the patient journey. 

Docosan’s specific value for CIH

CIH understands that Docosan has a large customer base from different regions in the country, not just limited to Ho Chi Minh alone where the hospital is located. CIH has absolute confidence in the abilities of their medical staff, stating the biggest challenge they face is their location, which is a little farther from the city itself making it difficult for some patients to access. 

Despite this, both Docosan and CIH believe that patients are willing to travel a longer distance if they are guaranteed access to high quality of transparent, affordable medical care. This was evident by the total appointment bookings of patients to CIH through Docosan, totalling 988 in 2021. There has also been an increase in high-value bookings, especially in their top specialties of orthopedics, neurology and gastroenterology. 

The future of the partnership

CIH conveys their hope to maintain the fruitful partnership with Docosan, and sees an opportunity for us to collaborate on events to increase awareness about the importance of quality healthcare in Vietnam, as well as in community service projects. Docosan echoes CIH’s vision, and believes that it is a high possibility when the pandemic settles down. 

In commemoration of our successful partnership, CIH has welcomed Docosan to visit the hospital and to observe their services, aiming to equip the team with more valuable knowledge in addressing potential customers and their questions. We are more than happy to oblige to their invitation and we look forward to a new year of flourishing partnership between us.