Docosan in 2021: The Year of Growth


The calendar year of 2021 has recently drawn its curtains, and Docosan grows closer to turning 2 in April of 2022. The past year has been relentless for the team, mitigating the private healthcare sector amidst the 4th wave of mounted COVID cases in Ho Chi Minh and other major cities across Vietnam. Despite the challenges, we have persevered and emerged stronger as a company, a brand, and a service made for the people. Below, we unpack the highlights of Docosan’s achievements in the year as we give ourselves a pat and prepare for new changes! 

User and provider growth

Overall, Docosan has experienced 25 times growth in bookings in 2021, a huge feat that propels our ranks in the competitive health tech market of Vietnam. We can highly attest this growth to the extensive COVID support our service has provided during the crucial 3rd quarter of the year at the height of the pandemic. Our medical providers have also grown by almost 3 fold since January, affirming the value we provide doctors and clinics on the platform in the areas of promotions and marketing, helping them gain increased exposure and expand their clientele in the long term by coming on board. 


Telemedicine services kicked off on our platform in June, which shows no signs of slowing down in the new year. 20 specialties across Docosan are now supported by teleconsultations no matter where patients are located in Vietnam. This has also opened doors for telemed-only doctors to join our platform, providing them with an efficient channel to treat more patients with less time concerns, no longer limited to their physical clinics or hospitals. 

We cannot help but mention one of our top telemed doctors, leading ophthalmologist Dr. Le Hong Ha from the Eye Specialist Clinic in Ho Chi Minh. Dr. Hong Ha was a strong supporter of Docosan’s push for telemedicine efforts, and effectively utilized them during massive lockdowns in the city to treat many patients with mild conditions online. Dr. Hong Ha confirmed that in 2021, he received close to 400 patients from Docosan among which over 100 patients were consulted with telemedicine. The team at Docosan is heartened by Dr. Hong Ha’s telemed success and is continuously working to improve the telemed experience for our patients across all the specialties.

Dr. Le Hong Ha’s testimony

COVID-19 Support 

Many of Docosan’s ventures this year evolved around COVID, as the demand for COVID-related support structures became crucial amidst rising infections and social distancing in the previous months. As residents scramble to find affordable testing and other support, we have helped link thousands of users to medical providers who conduct various COVID screening and testing. 

During this crunch time, Docosan’s team was steadfast and flexible, dedicating themselves to help countless lost patients, traveling expats and even organizations find PCR services while ensuring both affordability and reliability. This has undoubtedly garnered much trust and confidence in our service from both old and new users who gained access to essential services amidst hospital closures and lockdowns. In 2021, we helped over 13,000 people access testing for COVID-19. 

Product expansion through Docosan Cares 

The ability to provide extensive COVID support also inspired us to expand beyond our core service of being a digital healthcare marketplace. With a vision in mind, Docosan Cares was launched in early August to further aid in this demand – by providing a clean sweep and a full circle of all the pain points that the people of Vietnam experienced with the tenacious virus. We launched 4 purchasable antigen COVID test kits that allow users to test and safeguard their own health from the comfort of their own homes. 

Following the success of COVID test kits, we expanded into 2 new specialties for our Cares chain, namely sexual and reproductive health and dental care. The new test kits include 4 STDs test kits that detects common sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia at affordable prices with discreet packaging. Under dental care, we have a teeth whitening kit that was developed in partnership with top doctors from Premier Dental.

Docosan Cares’ products

As we welcome the new year, we are looking forward to bringing more primary health packages to Cares and attracting more medical partners to Docosan’s main platform. Our telemedicine will also continue to expand across the specialties to bring a higher degree of convenience for both doctors and patients. Docosan welcomes change heads-on, and is committed to continuously innovate our solution to improve healthcare for the people of Vietnam. 

As the Lunar New Year holidays come to an end, we wish all our patients, partners and employees the best of happiness and health. Docosan is excited to enter a new year of growth with everyone.