Sexual Health Support: Docosan & Cares

Why sexual health services are essential 

Sexual health is one of the most popular specialties on Docosan, especially among the tech-savvy youth demographic in the country. As a socially sensitive area of discussion in conservative Vietnam, many sought for online healthcare sources to answer the queries and purchase products discreetly, taking charge of their own health.  

Here at Docosan, we believe this provides us an opportunity to provide affordable and reliable sexual health services and products, with a big focus on customer education as well. This is part of the social impact we are aiming to make at Docosan, allowing the youth demographic to understand why they require these services and products and how to safely use them. 

Docosan Cares: STD Test Kits 

Currently on Docosan Cares, our separate platform that sells home test kits, we have a sexual health specialty that supplies 3 different types of STD test kits. 

It is highly encouraged for couples in intimate relationships, the LGBTQ or those who have had multiple sexual partners to get tested. According to research, up to 85% of sexually transmitted diseases have no recognizable symptoms. If left untreated, these diseases can cause abdominal pain, infertility or even cancer in some cases. Routine testing will help detect the diseases before complications occur. Many STDs can be treated with antibiotics or controlled with multiple medications to reduce the risk they pose, hence it is important to take the first step and get tested for a peace of mind. 

The 3 Test Kits 

The Mylan HIV Rapid Test Kit is the most affordable option at 269.000 VND, which accurately tests for HIV and generates results in just 15 minutes. It is simple, easy to use and there is even a free consultation option with a doctor on Docosan for further advice and appropriate treatment. 

The next kit, our 3-common STD test kit, is priced at 899,000 VND, and aims to detect 3 common and often asymptomatic STDs – namely HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. If a user is unsure which STD they may have contracted, this test kit is the one to take, giving quick and reliable results. If the test is positive, Docosan will ensure their health by connecting them with a doctor or a specialist clinic free-of-charge for a detailed consultation. 

The mother of all kits is our standard STD Test Kit 5, which is often used in hospitals as well. As the name suggests, this kit can detect Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis (in females only), Syphilis, and HIV. Due to its ability to detect more types of STDs, this is priced at 1,199,000 VND. However, compared to testing in big hospitals and clinics, it proves extremely affordable while ensuring the privacy of testing. The test samples will be sent for analysis to qualified laboratories trusted by doctors and hospitals, with test results returned in just a few days. 

The 3-common STD test kit and the standard STD test kit 5 have a gender choice option of female or male, and are also available in either Vietnamese or English in terms of its instructional language. With this multi-language design, we hope to reach not just the Vietnamese but also the expats in the country with its accessibility. 

Test Kit Benefits 

To ensure utmost discretion, our test kits come in a sealed, unlabeled container, and results will also be posted through the Docosan app and website to maintain a patient’s privacy – no one except the patient will be able to access them. 

These kits are researched and developed in partnership with experienced and reputed sexual health leaders in Vietnam to meet rigorous testing standards of reliability, stability, and validity. They have also been widely used in the US, UK and Singapore, and Docosan guarantees its international safety and quality above all, by following the same process and improving them to fit the needs of our patient demographics. Lastly, all test kits are supported 24/7 from the order and testing process, along with consultations and treatment support from top medical experts. 

Birth Control: Coming Soon 

In the past month on Docosan, searches on different types of birth control have also skyrocketed, jumping more than 5 times, signaling the growing demand for it among the population and the lack of trustable sources to obtain it conveniently. The team has long had plans to tackle this concern, and provide affordable birth control options through Docosan Cares as part of our product expansion. 

But for now, come down to our Docosan Cares site to find out the technicalities of our home test kits and the 4-step simple ordering process for all our products!