What is HIV false positive? What to do with this result?

HIV false positives can occur during HIV testing when the person administering the test is unsure whether the patient is infected with the virus. This phenomenon can have various causes, but to ensure accuracy, the test should be repeated and the clinic should take measures to prevent this situation from occurring again with the same patient. To learn more about this issue, please read and follow the article shared by Docosan below.

What is HIV false positive?

HIV testing plays an extremely important role in the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV treatment. With current testing methods, misdiagnosis is rare and test kits available today are highly accurate. However, some cases still cannot be ruled out, and some people may receive false-positive or false-negative HIV results.

False-positive HIV results occur when a person without HIV receives a positive result after testing for the virus. This result can have a significant emotional impact on the individual, leaving them unnerved, confused, and full of anxiety. However, if the initial test is positive, additional testing may be performed to confirm the accuracy of the result.

hiv false positive
Cases of HIV false positives are likely to occur but account for a low rate

What causes an HIV false positive?

There are several factors that can cause false positive HIV test results, including inappropriate test timing, type of test used, medical conditions, and technical errors in the testing process.

  • Timing of the test: After becoming infected with HIV, it takes time for the body to produce antibodies that can be detected by the test. Testing too soon after infection can result in a false negative test.
  • Type of HIV test used: Most tests use a rapid kit that involves collecting oral fluid or a blood sample from the fingertip. The accuracy of the test can be affected by the use of substandard products or incorrect sampling procedures, leading to false positive results.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune disorders (like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis), other infections (like syphilis), recent flu or hepatitis B vaccinations, or participation in an HIV vaccine study, can cause false positive results by producing antibodies that can be mistaken for HIV.
  • Technical errors in the testing process: Mistakes in sample handling, mislabeling, or mixing up samples can also lead to false positive results. Home tests can also result in errors due to improper user error.
hiv false positive
False-positive HIV results can occur as a result of an error in the home testing process, a medical condition, or a facility or provider-related issue

There are many causes of HIV false positive results. If you receive a positive result, it’s important to talk to a medical professional about the issue and identify the cause, if possible. This will help you find the appropriate solution.

What to do when the test result is HIV false positive?

When you suspect a false-positive HIV test result, you need to:

Double check again to get the correct result

As just mentioned, false positive HIV cases can result from a variety of causes, one of which is the incorrect product you are using. Therefore, switch to another product with higher sensitivity and specificity for the most accurate results.

You can choose from Docosan’s Home HIV/Syphilis Test Kit. The test kit provides a complete set of tools and detailed instructions for you to perform. Within 15 minutes, you will receive results to know for sure whether you are infected with HIV or not. After that, you will be supported to connect with your doctor for advice, treatment and control measures whether you are HIV positive or negative.

hiv false positive
Docosan provides a highly specific HIV/Syphilis home test kit

See an HIV specialist for support

If your second HIV test is positive or negative, it’s important to see an HIV specialist for help. Your doctor can advise you on how to manage your health and prevent infecting others during this uncertain time. If you are diagnosed as HIV-positive, your doctor may order additional tests to assess the health of your immune system and determine the stage of the infection, as well as provide appropriate treatment. It’s important to seek medical help as soon as possible for the benefit of your health.

hiv false positive
Seek medical help if HIV test results suspect false positive

Build measures to spread to other people

Even if the HIV test result is false positive, there is still a risk of transmitting the virus to others. It is important to take appropriate measures to protect both your own health and the health of those around you:

  • Maintain a healthy sex life by avoiding promiscuity and being faithful to one partner.
  • If you have sex with someone who has HIV or is at high risk of infection (such as a sex worker), use extra caution and consider using a condom.
  • Use condoms when having sex, especially in one-night stands when you are not sure about the other person’s HIV status. You can also use Docosan’s HIV testing kit for a quick and safe check.
  • Do not share needles, medical instruments, or personal items that could cause bleeding with others, such as razors or toothbrushes.
  • Avoid direct contact with body fluids if you are unsure about the accuracy of your HIV test result.
  • Do not donate blood if you suspect that you may have HIV.
hiv false positive
Wear a “condom” when having sex to prevent HIV transmission

How to limit false positive HIV results?

Some measures to minimize the phenomenon of HIV false positive:

  • Talk to your healthcare professional if you are using a rapid HIV test at home.
  • Compare the history, clinical symptoms of the test takers with the positive HIV test results or not.
  • In case there is no medical history or clinical symptoms are not consistent with the test results, the doctor will discuss with the laboratory department to analyze the results, find the cause of this result, and may order a test. again if necessary.
  • Testing staff should be professionally trained and checked quarterly.
  • Procedures for taking samples and preserving samples are accepted in accordance with regulations.
hiv false positive
Solutions to prevent false positive HIV from happening

A false positive HIV test result is incorrect compared to the actual test result. However, the person conducting the test may not be able to determine the cause of the false positive, as it is largely based on personal judgment. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a quality assurance test kit from a reputable source or to have the test conducted at a clinic under the guidance of a medical professional. This can help ensure the accuracy of the test results and minimize the likelihood of false positives.

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