Innovating in the Times of COVID-19

The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives tremendously, introducing masks, social distancing, and staying home as much as possible.

In Vietnam, the government’s fast response has kept the situation largely under control. Vietnam has one of the lowest mortality rates in Southeast Asia at 61 thanks to the proactive city lockdowns and contact tracing.

While Docosan’s service is centered in the private sector, it is not detached from the healthcare system as a whole.  With the population worried about crowded waiting rooms and hospital outbreaks, Docosan’s services are essential for many patients in need of quality private care. 

Convenient online bookings are a rarity in Vietnam but are needed more than ever due to COVID-19 causing clinic lockdowns, unpredictable doctor schedules, and pressure on the public healthcare system. Docosan not only helps patients secure fast, effortless bookings but also helps clinics sustain their business with added income streams.

Introduction of Telemedicine 

In June 2021, Docosan launched its telemedicine feature, allowing patients to conduct digital consultations without needing to travel to medical centers. Since the launch, Docosan experienced a surge in demand for the feature. Docosan is one of the only platforms among similar services that offers telemedicine, a competitive edge that attracts more patients onto the platform. Docosan sets itself apart by going the extra mile, facilitating the telemedicine sessions from start to end and ensuring patient queries are properly addressed throughout the session.

A well-managed telemedicine feature like Docosan’s is suitable for patients with mild symptoms to be efficiently examined while staying home, saving labor and administrative costs for doctors and other medical staff. Telemedicine is still new in Southeast Asia but given current growth Docosan believes it could be the new normal in the long run, helping patients more easily access healthcare and providers acquire a larger patient base. 

Docosan’s Difference

The HIV/AIDS Treatment Guidelines App in Partnership with the Ministry of Health’s VAAC and HAIVN

Patients with comorbidities such as HIV are at higher risks of suffering from COVID-19 complications with lowered rates of recovery. The nature of their infection makes these patients more vulnerable in the healthcare sphere.  Recognizing this, at the start of this year, the Vietnamese Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VACC) of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam spearheaded a project to create the Vietnam HIV/AIDS Treatment Guidelines app for medical doctors. This project was  in partnership with the Ministry of Health’s VAAC , the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), and Health Development Cooperation in Vietnam (HAIVN). The app includes guidelines to prevent, diagnose and treat HIV infections across the country and monitor patients’ conditions while reducing delays. 

Docosan participated as the app’s designer, building its technology end-to-end, including useful features such as clinical calculators, bookmarking favorite sections, and keyword searches. 

The app exhibits the Ministry of Health’s commitment towards educating healthcare professionals with up-to-date medical information about sexually transmitted infections. The app will also be periodically updated, ensuring health workers are provided with reliable and accurate information to guide their work. 

App Built by Docosan in Partnership with the Ministry of Health’s HIV/AIDS Authority (VAAC) and HAIVN

The creation of this app is among many digital technology projects that the Ministry of Healthis currently managing. It indicates their willingness to embrace technology in improving healthcare, not just for the pandemic but in many other medical fields, with Docosan playing an important role in the process.