Docosan’s Successful Partnerships: Diag Medical Centre


Diag is a prominent laboratory that has been one of Vietnam’s most trusted sources for medical testing for over 20 years. The labs are numerous in the districts of Ho Chi Minh City, and support the centre’s comprehensive test variety for patients across many specialties. 

Diag conducts testing for many infections and diseases, which include STD testing, drug tests, allergies, tuberculosis and hepatitis just to name a few, and with fast, reliable results from their labs. Diag has also provided extensive health checks for employees from multiple businesses and multinational corporations in Ho Chi Minh and other major cities of Vietnam, making their brand known on a higher scale.

Diag and its top-rated locations on Docosan

Diag and Docosan 

Diag coming on board Docosan was a big partnership for the team. This partnership is successful thanks to Diag’s customer-centric philosophy, which has enabled them to invest a great deal in customer service support. This falls in line with what Docosan can do for Diag, and we have helped bring many patients to multiple Diag outlets by prioritizing customer testing needs through fast bookings. 

Diag has 20 locations listed on Docosan, in almost every district of Ho Chi Minh City. They also have labs that outsource overseas, offering services that are not always available in Vietnam. Their various branches offer a wide range of testing, and this greatly mitigates the pain point that customers may have about travelling far beyond their locations to patronize medical services. With Diag and Docosan working together, it is convenient and easy for patients to book and go down to the location, hence the large number of patients that Docosan introduces monthly has been consistent in increasing Diag’s overall revenue. 

Diag confirms that compared to other platforms, Docosan provides them with the most booking patients. There has been sustained growth, with the recent months of September and October being the highest, bringing in close to 400 appointments from Docosan per month. 

Apart from patients, Docosan acts as an additional customer service team to Diag, providing needed support for patients with appointment handling. Besides customer service, Docosan also offers general support – such as liaising with partnership team members, as well as equipping Diag employees with increased exposure to tech features. 

Diag and COVID-19 

Diag is predominantly a lab, and does not have direct services from doctors, so they do not conduct patient consultations directly. But as a big franchise, Diag works separately with many doctors to obtain test results for patients. For serious results that need follow-up, Diag and the doctors in charge will arrange for consultations with the patient to conduct more specific checks or treatments. 

Due to the pandemic, COVID testing is the most subscribed service on Diag branches. They offer one of the most affordable prices for COVID testing across major cities, and have served many individual bookings, along with B2B bookings in bigger numbers from travel companies. Together with Docosan, Diag is aiming to obtain more information about patient bookings to conduct better patient screening within their capacity. 


Diag expresses their gratitude for the support that Docosan offers in helping to elevate the Diag brand as an outsource team dedicated to serve many patients tirelessly in the middle. Likewise, Diag is a great asset to our platform, and we hope to continue our mutually beneficial relationship for a long time to come. As Docosan grows, we will incorporate better techniques to admit patients and bookings for Diag and hope to attract more satisfied patients that are loyal to both Diag and Docosan.