Docosan’s Successful Partnerships: Natural Clinic


Started as a family business in 1999, Natural Clinic is a clinic in Hanoi that combines the art of traditional Chinese medicine techniques with modern and advanced treatment technology. Natural clinic is founded and run by Dr. Nguyen Xuan Giao, along with his son Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tung. 

Dr Giao was the former head of the Department of Experimental Oriental Medicine at the Central Hospital of Traditional Medicine, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has passed on special remedies down the family to his son, keeping the family business alive and successful for decades. 


Natural clinic specializes in providing thorough examination and treatment of diseases using traditional medicine, which includes herbs and methods like acupuncture and cupping. The doctors are especially skilled in treating patients with diseases in the gastrological, muscular system and sometimes cardiology. 

The clinic focuses on providing patient care comprehensively. It makes use of high-tech equipment to increase the efficiency of its treatment processes, and it is one of the three units in Vietnam issued with a FDA-approved Scrambler Therapy simulator to relieve chronic and acute pain caused by trauma.

Establishing an online presence 

Natural Clinic was one of the earliest partners to come on board Docosan, and has tremendously improved patient traffic due to the digital presence provided by our online marketplace. 

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic with disruptions to clinic openings, Dr. Tung is appreciative of the support given by Docosan’s team to the clinic. With the improved app that promotes greater user friendliness, the doctors are able to arrange appointments with patients through our cloud-scheduling system, a huge boost to the clinic’s efficiency from before when they were using pen and paper to record bookings. 

Before Docosan, Dr Tung tried to single-handedly promote the clinic but he soon realized that managing digital platforms like Facebook is time-consuming and ineffective. As doctors, it is not in their expertise to carry out social media marketing. With Docosan, Dr. Tung remarked that he no longer has to worry about digital marketing and he can  “focus fully on improving the operations and technical side of the business and my medical services instead”. 

Natural Clinic’s Webpage on Docosan

Not long ago, Dr. Giao had fallen victim to multiple scams selling medical drugs by taking advantage of well-known specialists by using their image. This is a long-standing problem that many top doctors have suffered from, including doctors from public hospitals. 

Moreover, lawsuits in Vietnam are complex, added on by the loose regulations surrounding it. Dr. Tung lamented that it is hence not entirely possible to identify the masterminds behind these scams, portraying the difficulty in holding them accountable.

Though this is a tough battle to be fought, Docosan has helped Dr. Giao overcome this crisis by releasing articles about his experience on our blogs and other online platforms, helping to increase awareness of such happenings among the population. With word-of-mouth and online circulation, we have faith that netizens will not succumb so easily to such scams in the future. 

Repeat patient bookings and exposure to international patients 

With an online presence, patients with an interest and conditions that can be targeted by traditional medicine flocked to the clinic. Dr. Tung explained that patients subscribe highly to their acupuncture, acupressure and cupping services, being the least invasive treatments that provide an impressive recovery effort to treat many diseases. Many patients who are wary of the side effects of modern medicines are also giving herbal and traditional medicine a try. With affordable prices and a guaranteed service, the clinic drives immense patient satisfaction and repeat bookings through Docosan’s efficient system. 

Docosan also brought expat and international patients to the clinic. Dr. Tung states that before Docosan, the clinic’s exposure was only limited to international students who studied traditional Chinese medicine. But after being listed on Docosan, more expats developed greater awareness and value for the traditional medicine experience. Dr.Tung soon realized that there is a huge demand for it in Vietnam since the TCM experience is more affordable here compared to the west. 

An Expat Patient’s Review


Docosan now brings in a steady stream of up to 40 patients monthly to Natural Clinic, which remains at the top of the list under our traditional medicine category with a full 5-point rating on our platform based on reviews. Docosan is certain that the positive word-of-mouth and consistent exposure to the benefits of traditional medicine will continue to drive growth for the clinic – bringing our doctors the right fit of patients and increasing their clientele.