Docosan’s Data Protection and Privacy

In Vietnam, the right to privacy and personal secrets is a constitutional right. That being said, the laws surrounding data protection and privacy are still relaxed as the country continues to rise. 

Collection of Data 

At Docosan, a digital health platform that operates heavily through patient bookings, we take data protection and privacy extremely seriously. In this newsroom, we will outline how we collect and protect patients’ personal data and ensure they are fully protected. 

When a patient books through Docosan, essential information such as name, sex and appointment time are recorded into the system. Soon, patients will have the option of booking certain services anonymously as well. This data is then encrypted and stored on Docosan’s secure servers. The information will only be made available to the specific medical provider or doctor of your choice under gaining patients’ consent.

To improve information flow on overall booking details, Docosan may ask patients to include their email and medical history so that we can appoint a perfect fit of medical professionals to attend to them. This is entirely optional and up to the patient’s comfort and trust in us. The medical history and personal information in patients’ accounts can also be modified anytime at the patient’s discretion. 

As for medical professionals and providers in partnership with Docosan, certified documents of practice and profession are required to come on board on the platform, as Docosan’s service aims to provide 100% licensed care to all patients. These documents will also be securely stored and will never be shared with anyone outside of Docosan’s professional team. 

Protection of Data

With countless daily bookings, how does Docosan ensure that patients’ data is sufficiently protected? Docosan ensures this with the transparent promise that our patients’ identifiable information will never be sold. 

For the improvement of our digital marketplace, we frequently analyze non-identifying data to understand how patients utilize our services, which includes search buzzwords, tracking appointments to see which medical specialties are booked most often, with all this information completely unlinked from the user. This form of data may be used in studies in collaboration with national and international health organizations, such as aiding disease research projects or contributing to public health research

To prevent the misuse of patients’ personal data, every employee at Docosan is required to attend a privacy and security training. The Docosan team strictly adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). According to public health law, The HIPAA necessitates the construction of national standards to protect patients’ sensitive health information from being disclosed without their consent or knowledge. 

In addition, Docosan’s digital platform is strongly encrypted – allowing data to be stored in secure cloud servers to ensure application uptime and secure data backup, even in the event of data leakages or errors. 

With more young people using our platform to either book appointments for themselves or their families, we believe that data protection and privacy can become a form of deterrence for many patients who are wary about revealing confidential information online. Through this article, we hope our patients are more fully informed about Docosan’s concrete privacy policy. Docosan is eager to continue providing a safe and secure environment for all our patients in the world of digital healthcare, with no personal data ever compromised.