Docosan’s Role in Increasing the Accessibility of Mental Health Services

While healthcare in Vietnam has improved substantially over the years, mental health can be difficult to access. According to Vietnam Briefing, the National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) only reaches 30% of the country and covers a small number of illnesses. Mental health problems are prevalent but a lack of resources has created a gap between demand and supply. 

Mental Health Stigma in Vietnam 

While this is changing, it is still the case that mental health disorders are often brushed off in Vietnam as “bad blood” or “weaknesses”, causing stigmatized patients to further retreat into their shell. This stigma – which is present all over the world, to be sure –  are significant barriers for many Vietnamese in accessing care. 

Many Vietnamese find qualified doctors through word-of-mouth, often from families and relatives who have previously been treated by the same professionals. But taboo areas like mental health are less likely to be openly discussed making it harder for those in need to get the help they need. This forces many to search online to find the right provider, and this is how many of them come across providers on Docosan. 

Docosan’s Mental Health Services Platform

Docosan has experienced rising traffic for mental health services. It is now one of our top-performing sectors which our team pays great attention to. 

Docosan has recruited many mental health medical providers and psychologists in order to provide our patients with a plethora of choices suited to their needs.. Notable providers on our platform include organizations such as SHARE, Mindcare, and Sunnycare Psychological Institute.  We now have a total of 31 mental health providers on our digital platform, offering a wide range of services such as relationship counseling, LGBT counseling, mental disorders, and depression. 

One of the most sought after professionals on our platform is psychotherapist Tran An Vu, with close to 10 years of psychological counselling experience. He has a full rating on our 5-point system, showcasing his expertise in treating patients with various mental health issues. 

One notable review made by a former patient states: “He listened to me without judgement and asked the right questions to learn more about my problems. He sounded very knowledgeable about different types of therapies for different kinds of issues, and familiar with current trends in psychology and therapy. I trust him to help me out and best of all he charges a really reasonable price!”

With the launch of telemedicine services on Docosan at the start of June, we have noticed that they have become common for mental health bookings. The bookings have a 0% cancellation rate by either doctor or patient, indicating that online consultations are effective in allowing mental health patients to get the care they need from the comfort of their own home.

Docosan is proud to improve the accessibility of mental healthcare in Vietnam. The success of our mental health providers is largely due to the trust our patients have in our services – they have confidence in our customer service team that provides excellent suggestions for their queries along with qualified professionals who will protect their confidentiality. With soon-to-launch feature improvements such as anonymous bookings, we hope to provide the best possible platform to encourage more patients to step forward.