5 Must-visit Dermatology Clinics on Docosan for Aesthetic Treatments

Dermatology is an established service on Docosan, with aesthetic dermatology gaining traction among our 38 providers. 

With higher standards of living, the demand for dermatological and skincare services have increased in Vietnam. Beyond citizens, tourists and expats with constant travel schedules may also face skincare issues with abrupt changes in the climate from the south and northern cities, especially in the earlier months of the year.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 dermatological services specializing in aesthetic treatments.

Oracle Beauty Dermatology Clinic

Oracle Beauty Dermatology Clinic is well-known for their dermatological diseases

Oracle Beauty Dermatology Clinic is well-known for their dermatological diseases and aesthetic beauty treatments, with a 5-point rating on Docosan. It is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Korean Consulate, making it a top dermatology clinic in Ho Chi Minh City. 

With a team of experienced Vietnamese and Korean dermatologists, Oracle’s beauty and aesthetic technology are supported by state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, under approval from the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Union. 

Their aesthetic treatments include pigmentation and whitening care, fillers and Botox, as well as hair removal, with a wide range of specific services under each umbrella of luxury care. There is no doubt of their excellent service, with a plethora of 5-point reviews on Docosan by past patients. If you happen to be in the area, this dermatology clinic is a must-visit for your skincare fix. 

Saigon Rejuvenation Center

Saigon Rejuvenation Center has a team of doctors from prestigious universities of Vietnam, with much experience in the medical derma industry. The center is expat friendly, with English-speaking staff ready to assist foreign customers. 

The center is lauded for its highly modern facilities, with top-tier machines and technology that are FDA approved and directly imported from the United States. Their treatments are superior in the category of acne and anti-ageing, which includes fillers and botox. 

Notably, the doctors here also offer high-end skincare packages with up to 12 months of warranty. Apart from the above, Saigon Rejuvenation is the first anti-ageing center in Vietnam that practices hormonal balance therapy that is available for both genders, staying ahead of the game among health and beauty centers. A visit will be well worth it if you are looking for a more thorough and aesthetic luxury care experience. 

Tran Thinh Dermatology Clinic

Tran Thinh Dermatology Clinic was founded in 2017 by Dr Tran Thinh, a cosmetic dermatologist with over 38 years of experience in the field.

Although he specializes in treating dermatological diseases, his clinic offers top-notch aesthetic skin care treatments at very affordable prices well within your budget. 

These services include extensive hair removal services, including bikini hair removal, skin lightening and scar treatment, as well as wrinkles and skin rejuvenation. The clinic also offers capillary dilation, congenital erasure and even tattoo removals, which are rarer treatments that cannot be found at many dermatology clinics. 

Dr. Tran is able to treat both Vietnamese and English speaking patients, and has treated nearly 5000 patients, among which many achieve satisfactory results within 2 to 4 sessions. The Docosan team can vouch for his services wholeheartedly if you ever choose to book a consultation. 

Belas Beauty Clinic 

Belas Beauty Clinic located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City has a capable team of doctors and staff that has served over 350,000 patients. Belas Beauty is recognised by Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade as a reliable supplier, with its hair removal service being voted as the “Best New IPL Hair Removal Technology”, meeting the standards of over 30,000 customers. 

Speaking of technology, Belas Beauty invests intensively in aesthetic skincare by infusing advanced tech into their masking procedures, with various mask treatments made from useful extracts such as algae, aloe vera and collagen. 

They also have body and face massages for you to enjoy a spa-like experience, along with services like nano 4D whitening bath and micro-embroidery spray for eyebrows and lip care. If you are looking for an all around fulfilling and relaxing session, Belas Beauty might be the top on your list!

Thien Ai Dermatology Clinic

Thien Ai Dermatology Clinic has been operating in Ho Chi Minh for more than 25 years, with a vision of “Bringing healing to skin diseases, hair, nails and skin beauty”. With a 4-point rating, Thien Ai is one of the few dermatology clinics that offers online consultations through telemedicine, providing greater convenience and accessibility during lockdowns and new outbreaks of COVID infections. 

Apart from treating common skin diseases, Thien Ai also has aesthetic services such as their special laser and rice grain treatment, permanent hair removal, and treatment of acne, scars and enlarged pores. 

Past patients cite the efficient check-up procedure as a positive, along with reasonable costs and receptive service. Their main specialist is Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu My with more than 20 years of experience in dermatology and skin diseases. If you are treated here, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. 

These 5 dermatology clinics can be found on our Docosan platform with a free booking system. Our 24 hour customer service team would also be able to recommend specific clinics that suit your needs by conducting a brief gauge of your symptoms and conditions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at www.docosan.com if you have further queries. Find your best aesthetic dermatologist to trust your skin with us today.