5 best dental services in Ho Chi Minh on Docosan for expats

Dental health is an area of healthcare that often goes ignored, but should not be. Medical professionals note that there is a need for regular dental health checks and treatments at least twice a year. With quality yet affordable dental services, dental health, including cosmetic dental procedures, should be accessible to everyone in need. Docosan […]

15 best dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City‎ 2023

Docosan‎‎ has ‎‎‎‎synthesized the 15 best ‎‎dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City with a team of experienced doctors, safe and guaranteed service quality, and reasonable dental service costs by understanding the psychology of patients who need dental examination or care. ‎ Saigon Center Dental Clinic – District 3, HCM The Saigon Center Dental Clinic […]

5 Must-visit Dermatology Clinics on Docosan for Aesthetic Treatments

Dermatology is an established service on Docosan, with aesthetic dermatology gaining traction among our 38 providers.  With higher standards of living, the demand for dermatological and skincare services have increased in Vietnam. Beyond citizens, tourists and expats with constant travel schedules may also face skincare issues with abrupt changes in the climate from the south […]

Physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as physical therapy, is a branch of medicine. It plays an important role in the treatment of patients who are recovering from surgery, injury, or being treated for a disabling health condition. Physical therapy may also be necessary for any condition that affects the nerves, muscles, bones, or brain, […]

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