Health Check Certificate for Vietnam work permit

What is a Health Check certificate? A health check (or health certificate) is a document issued by a licensed hospital or medical establishment included in the Ministry of Health’s Medical Services Administration’s Official Dispatch 143/KCB-PHCN&GD dated February 5, 2015 and its amendments. Your health check certificate is needed to apply for your work permit in […]

Pregnancy Ultrasound FAQ

What can an Ultrasound show? Pregnancy ultrasound can help reveal: Your stage of pregnancy and due date How many babies you’re carrying Your baby’s heart rate and heart function Your baby’s position inside the uterus such as head-down or breech Certain birth defects or conditions such as Down syndrome Your baby’s anatomy, movements and size […]

Covid-19 Testing

Who should get tested for Covid-19? Anyone displaying any Covid-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat) Anyone had close contact with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients Anyone coming back from “Covid-19 outbreak zones” that have Covid-19 case within 14 days Participated in activities with high chances of getting contracted with Covid-19 because you […]

05 best online psychological counseling experts in Ho Chi Minh City

Docosan would like to introduce you, the 05 best online psychological counseling experts in Ho Chi Minh city, based on their professionalism with extensive experiences, high expertise, and affordable consultation fees. You need psychological counseling help when a life problem seriously bothers you and when you are unable to find solutions even after the close […]

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